About Our Company

Launched in early 2017. Bitpaid is the native token of the Ethereum chain, a decentralised, open-source, energy-efficient public blockchain with smart contract functionality, high speed and low transaction fees. Bitpaid is designed to support the creator economy with Web3 applications such as DeFi and GameFi, ultimately serving as the foundational infrastructure for an open metaverse. Bitpaid is designed to serve the next billion Web3 users and to help them experience the full promise of self-custody of their digital assets.

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.

We build day by day, block by block, to give everyone control over their money, data and identity because we believe it is your basic right to control your money, data and identity.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Bitpaid (BTP):

  • Fully Decentralised Ecosystem.
  • 100% Community Driven.
  • No one can manipulate as 100% circulated in the Community.
  • More than 30% supply has already staked by community based staking program on CVIP.
  • CVIP – An indigenously developed decentralised exchange (Dex).
  • No single wallet holders own more than 1% of supply.
  • More than 10000 Holders.
  • 4.5 Million Transactions and more than 100 Million value settlement till date.
  • “A” grade for transparent trading on exchanges, credited by nomics.com
  • Supports Web3 based programs like P2P settlements and Web3 gaming.
  • Only coin that has fully circulated into the community, having no hidden wallet.