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Token Name: Bitpaid (BTP)
Total Token Supply: 17,00,000 BTP

The full supply distribution of tokens has been achieved by the tokenomics as committed to the users and programmers in 2022.

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Community-Owned Crypto Economy

The Decentralized Tokenomics Fueling the Bitpaid Ecosystem

The Bitpaid (BTP) token was distributed through decentralized channels to ensure wide community ownership. With over 10,000 active holders and no single entity owning more than 1% of the supply, BTP exemplifies the decentralized ethos. BTP unlocks utility like governance rights, discounted fees, in-game perks, and play-to-earn rewards. This circular tokenomics design creates a thriving ecosystem where engaged users are incentivized to participate, contribute, and drive adoption. With thoughtful token distribution and utility mechanisms, Bitpaid is building a community-owned crypto economy.
Tokenomics Mechanics

Understanding the Tokenomies Mechanics
of Bitpaid

Deflationary Mechanism

A deflationary model can be implemented by incorporating token burns or buybacks, reducing the total supply of BTP over time, and potentially increasing its value.

Token Vesting

To incentivize long-term holding and discourage short-term speculation, a vesting schedule can be implemented for tokens earned through gameplay or rewards.

Liquidity Provision

A portion of the token supply can be allocated to providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges, ensuring smooth trading and minimizing price volatility.

Reward Distribution

A portion of the revenue generated from gaming activities, such as in-game purchases or participation fees, can be allocated to rewarding BTP holders in the form of additional tokens.

Token Emission Rate

The rate at which new BTP tokens are minted or released into circulation can be determined based on factors such as network demand, staking participation, and ecosystem growth.

Bitpaid Games is a leading platform that provides crypto gaming enthusiasts with thrilling online gaming experiences. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional gaming environment that combines entertainment, innovation, and the power of cryptocurrency. We offer a wide variety of games to meet the diverse tastes and preferences of our community members.


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